I have over 20 years experience as a Multimedia Designer. Contact me to get a quote. I create strategic advertising and marketing deliverables for entertainment, film, and brand clients. With me you get the best creative with none of the drama. My fun, witty no-nonsense approach to art delivers results with the satisfaction of individual client attention. My art tells your story and sells. Period

Although I am the sole designer, I utilize the same process as a large advertising agency. This ensures results that are strategic, on-brand, and consistent with your vision.

Key Art

Theatrical One-Sheet Posters – Web Design – PR Kits – Pitch Packets – TV Poster Campaigns Home Entertainment Key Art – Distribution graphics – Logos – Business Cards

How it works

From the time I receive your assets (if any) and completed creative brief, it typically takes somewhere between 1-3 weeks for me to send you the first round of comps. The turnaround depends on the size and complexity of your project and my current workload. Therefore, the earlier you send me your project, the better. Need it sooner? Please contact me for a custom estimate. Additional fees may apply for rush projects.

Step 1: Initial Asset Collection (Optional) The client collects all available assets (if any) and delivers it to us for review. If the client doesn’t have any assets, that’s ok. We can build entirely from stock.

Step 2: Pre-Design The client fills out a document called a Creative Brief. The Creative Brief is a questionnaire that provides insight into the specifics of your project and what you are looking for in the design. If you’ve never filled one out before, that’s ok. My brief includes instructions and examples to walk you through the process. This step is essential to our creative process. I can’t read your mind… but I CAN read your brief!

Step 3: Project Kick-Off I will review the Creative Brief along with any provided assets. If there are no questions that arise, I’ll inform you that we can move on to the next step. If I have questions that need clarification, I may schedule a call with you to review the brief together.

Step 4: Design I will brainstorm ideas and designs for the first round of concepts. During this time, I may request more or different assets from you, if available. During the design process I may contact you if questions arise. Once the first round of concepts are complete, I’ll submit to you for review. I only show completed work, not rough work in progress.

Step 5: Review You reviews the first round of concepts, and emails me comments, questions, and direction for the first round of revision. Revisions can be as simple as combining a title from one concept with a background from another, or seeing different color variations of a concept. Revisions can also be more complex, such as moving elements around, changing the layout, or swapping out a different photo of an actor. This revision process repeats two more times, at which point, most clients find that they are happy with the concept they choose.

Step 6: Finishing You selects the final concept, and I will begin the finishing process. In this process, I go through the file in detail, retouching as necessary to make sure the file is perfect and ready for printing as well as online viewing.

Step 7: Final File Delivery I deliver the final files to you. I can deliver files a few different ways, according to your preference. I can upload to your ftp, or send via WeTransfer.