About Kurk

Long story short Kurk was working as a Multi-media coordinator, freelancing as well as maintaining a digital comic book for 3 consecutive years as a published comic book artist. On the side he filled his time between theater stage acting, commercials, shorts, indie films and music videos. Working in front of the camera as well as behind. Then at a Comic Convention he connected with some film producers where he interned for a year under their post-supervisor. finally moving to LA he produced his first Full length feature film. Then taking a position as Producer and Post-Supervisor, for that company and filling similar positions for other companies as filming and project schedules fluctuated. He became what is known as the Swiss-army man able to fulfill and cover any position in the film production. From Pre to Post, his preferred positions are Production Executive/Coordinator/Supervisor, Post-Supervisor, UPM, Director, 1st and 2nd AD and Key Grip (in that order). He is a hard worker with tons of experience and more than willing to grab you a coffee or banana while on set but that would be a waste of his time and skills. See below for more details on what he does. or simply email and connect with him kurkkasparian@gmail.com

Meet Kurk

As you can see below, and from this site Kurk has many skills and avenues that he like to fulfill. His top Priority is to make sure that, weather on set filming, acting in a scene, or designing something, clients are satisfied so much they would want to use him again. And they do!


Production Executive / Coordinator / Supervisor, Post-Supervisor, UPM, Director, 1st and 2nd AD and Key Grip or whatever else is needed. To learn more about Kurk and his film career click on this page to read more..


Supporting in several feature films, regular in many a crime dram series, music videos, commercials. his career is continually growing and moving. Click this page to see whats new and learn more about his career.


Over 15 years of experience, he is now utilizing his skills to assist with visual solutions and brilliant designs to influence many project audiences. Click this page to see more about what he can do for you.